American Walnut Safety Razor

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American Walnut Safety Razor

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This is a handcrafted in Seattle American Walnut wooden razor handle. The perfect gift for a simple and refined man that is hard to shop for!

Choose your favorite head! You may choose between a double edge razor (pictured), or a Gillette Mach3 razor, and you can't decide select a interchangeable head and have both! Replacement blades for both razors can be found easily at any local pharmacy or grocery store. A single replacement blade will be included in your purchase.

The finish is a Urethane spray finish--This is a highly durable and cannot be penetrated by water.

** My products are built to last because I make my wooden items out of stabilized wood (which is done in my shop). If wood is not stabilized and it is exposed to water, it will fall apart over time. This is a step I take before any item goes on the lathe, and in ensures a quality product.

All products undergo a stabilization process in which resin is impregnated into the wood under high vacuum pressure. Wood blanks are submerged in a liquid resin,a high pressure vacuum is pulled and when completed these blanks are then baked in an oven. This ensures the longevity of my products.