Maple Burl Shaving Kit w/ Clear Cast

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Maple Burl Shaving Kit w/ Clear Cast

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This razor and brush kit is handcrafted here in Seattle with locally sourced American Maple Burl. The brush is finished with a solid resin cast over the natural edge of the source wood, both in the handle of the brush and the neck of the razor!

This particular design makes the perfect gift for any gentleman in your life. This is a truly unique product, it would not be possible to find another piece exactly like it! Whether you're shopping for someone, or looking to treat yourself, this intricate and beautiful design would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys finely crafted artisan products.

The interchangeable head allows you to shave using your favorite blades or cartridges. For this razor you may choose between a Gillette Mach3 razor (pictured), a double edge blade, or you can choose both and swap them out as you see fit! Both razor types are easily found at any drugstore, and a single replacement blade will be included with the purchase of your razor.

The badger hair brush included in this kit features AAA grade badger hair. This grade of hair is ideal for young men with oilier skin, and who are in need of the most exfoliation. It opens up the pores and cleans them very well, but can be abrasive on more sensitive skin.

A badger hair brush should be the second most important tool in your shaving tool box, but it is often ignored. A badger hair brush, when correctly used, exfoliates the skin, opens up the pores, and stimulates the hair follicles so the hairs stand up straighter which gives a gentleman a closer and more comfortable shave.

Your shaving kit will come with a chrome stand to hold both the razor and brush (pictured) and a complimentary soap and soap dish from our local soap dealer Carol Turner of “Soakin’ Scents.”

*This brush is finished with urethane spray. Urethane is a highly durable finish and cannot be penetrated by water.

*All of my products undergo a stabilization process in which a wood blank is submerged in liquid resin. Using a high pressure vacuum, I am able to draw the water out of the wood and fill the wood with resin. The wood is then baked in an oven. This ensures that the wood will not fall apart over time and with exposure to water, and is one of the ways in which we ensure that our products are heirloom quality, meaning that they are meant to be passed down through generations.