General Shaving Tips & Techniques

  • For the best shaving results, moisten your skin before shaving with a hot wet compress made with a soft wash cloth.   Allow the hot compress to sit on your skin for five minutes before shaving. Apply shaving cream with a badger hair brush in order to help with exfoliation. If possible, when shaving, shave in the same direction your hair is growing, and limit your across-the-grain (against hair growth direction) shaving strokes, as this can lead to skin irritation for some people. 
  • One frequent problem for some individuals is ingrown hairs also known as shaving bumps.  Ingrown hairs are hairs that have curled around and grown back into your skin instead of rising up from it.  Anyone can have ingrown hairs, but they occur more often in Black and Latino men. People with thick or curly hair can develop a type of ingrown hair called pseudofolliculitis. The best treatment for pseudofolliculiti is prevention by keeping the area clean and to use hair follicle stimulation.  To do this, we recommend the use of a badger hair brush during shaving, and as a part of your daily skincare regime.
  • We highly recommend that customers use their shaving brush as apart of their daily face washing routine.  Using a mild soap with a badger brush can help clean beard and mustache hair as the bristles can reach below the hairline to the hair follicles and properly exfoliate and clean the skin.  This will greatly reduce ingrown hairs and should leave skin feeling softer and more comfortable.
  • After shaving use a light antiseptic (witch hazel or diluted 1:1 hydrogen peroxide to water) to clean any problem areas and then lightly moisturize the skin with your favorite lotion or aftershave.