Boar Hair Shaving Brushes

The benefits of boar hair vs. badger hair

Boar hair knots are another variety that we offer as an alternative to badger hair brushes. Boar hair is stronger and thicker than badger hair, providing great exfoliation and cleansing, and generally cost less than their silvertip badger counterparts. For this reason, many men prefer to have one of each, as badger and boar hair are both quality products that simply serve a different function. Boar hair brushes also get better over time. With repeated use, boar hairs will start to split, resulting in two or three separate tips with the same strong shaft. This creates a softer and most luxurious brush, while still maintaining the strength of boar hair. Boar hair brushes are a great alternative to badger hair for men with oily skin who need significant exfoliation, but aren’t concerned about skin sensitivity and irritation. It is also a great option for bearded men looking for a brush to clean their facial hair rather than prepare for a shave.