Straight Razor Tips & Techniques

  • Follow our general shaving tips when preparing for your straight razor shave. Preparing properly using a hot compress and a shaving brush are equally if not more important when using a straight razor as they are for cartridges and double edge blades.
  • Pull your skin tight as you begin to shave, and always shave with the grain of growth. You may go against the grain for a closer shave, but be sure to reapply shaving oil and or cream as needed to prevent razor burn. Three passes is a good rule of thumb to ensure a smooth shave. 
  • Don’t use more pressure than needed. Everybody is unique and you will have to practice a little bit to find your “sweet spot.” Start easy, and ramp up the pressure from there. After a couple of shave you will know exactly how much pressure to use to get your closest shave with minimal irritation. 
  • As with any razor, don’t forget to moisturize! Even a low-irritation shave with a straight razor can dry and age your skin and a little bit of your favorite moisturizer will fix that right up.