The "Bonafide Beardsman" Brush Kit w/ Maple Burl Wood - Wholesale


The "Bonafide Beardsman" Brush Kit w/ Maple Burl Wood - Wholesale

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Each brush set includes your choice of badger or boar hair brush, a soap dish, and shaving soap puck handmade by Soakin' Scents.

We carefully handcrafted these brushes in our South Seattle shop using locally sourced stabilized Maple Burl Wood from the Pacific Northwest. Each brush is unique and makes for a beautiful gift for every occasion.

For people with full beards that never find themselves using a razor, badger or boar hair brushes can still be a useful tool. When using a shaving brush prior to a shave, the brush exfoliates the skin, opens up the pores, softens, and stimulates the hair. The greatest benefit of using a shaving brush to clean facial hair is the prevention and treatment of beard itch. Beard itch is the all-but-unavoidable itch that bearded men get. You might find this happening when first growing your beard, or after a trim. Maybe you feel it after a change in weather or after a long day. Shaving brushes will penetrate layers of hair to clean and exfoliate at the base, soothing irritated skin in the process.

If your primary purpose for your brush is cleaning your beard, we recommend some of the coarser grades of hair that we offer. AAA or “pure” grade badger hair is thicker and stiffer than best grade or silvertip, and will have an easier time getting through layers of hair and cleansing the skin underneath. However, boar’s hair is perhaps the best option for beard cleaning, and is the toughest, strongest hair you will find in a shaving brush.

When you place your order you will be prompted to choose between boar and badger hair for your brushes.

***Minumum of 5 units for wholesale at $39.99 ea. / $79.99 MSRP

The finish is a Urethane spray finish--This is a highly durable and cannot be penetrated by water.

** We uphold ourselves to a standard of "heirloom quality”, meaning we intend our product to last for multiple generations. Our unique artisan process results in unparalleled quality and durability. All wet-shaving products are made with stabilized wood, which means that even as the wood is continually exposed to water, our products will remain in top-notch condition over time.

***Every purchase of our wood shaving products comes our refinishing program guarantee.

We take great pride in our craft and in our products. When you order our shaving products, you can be confident that each piece is made carefully by hand, inspected for quality, and built to last. Each purchase is accompanied by our guarantee of quality and our promise to refinish, replace inlay, or to repair any damage caused by normal wear and tear or caused by a manufacturing defect (not related to the blades or cartridges).