The "Smooth Shaver" Starter Pack - Wholesale


The "Smooth Shaver" Starter Pack - Wholesale

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Everyone knows a quality men's gift is hard to come by. This starter pack is a perfect way to introduce a high quality men's gift item into your store, and try a bit of everything that we offer. All of these best-selling products are handmade in our South Seattle shop using locally sourced Pacific Northwest Big Leaf Maple Burl hardwood. 

This pack includes - 

2 Maple Burl razors ($39.99 ea. / $79.99 MSRP) - These razors are the perfect combination of form and function. Each razor comes with a 2-in-1 interchangeable head that allows you to switch between a double edge safety razor and a Gillette Mach3 cartridge in seconds.

2 Maple Burl shaving kits ($64.99-74.99 ea. / $129.99-149.99 MSRP) - Each shaving kit includes 1 razor with an interchangeable DE/Mach3 head, and 1 shaving brush with your choice of badger hair. It also includes a shaving soap and soap dish, as well as a chrome razor and brush stand.

What type of badger hair is right for your clientele?

That depends on their skin type:

- For dry or sensitive skin: choose Super Silvertip. This grade is very soft while still providing plenty of exfoliation. It is good for middle-aged and older clients who need exfoliation but have slightly more delicate skin. It is also our most luxurious shaving brush.

- For skin that’s right in the middle (not too oily, not too dry): choose Best grade. It offers less exfoliation than the AAA grade, but has nice soft tips. Great for young thirty somethings whose skin is no longer oily but still needs proper exfoliation without being too abrasive.

- For oily skin or skin prone to shaving bumps, choose AAA Pure grade. This type of hair is great for exfoliation: it opens the pores and cleans them really well, but can be abrasive on sensitive skin.

We are offering this pack at wholesale pricing, 50% of retail. MSRP for all items is $419.99-$459.99.

Most items are made to order. Delivery within 4-6 weeks, unless your order is in stock.

Please contact us at with any questions!

All items shipped in our custom, made in America packaging which is great for display and gift wrapping.

*The finish is a Urethane spray finish--This is a highly durable and cannot be penetrated by water.

** We uphold ourselves to a standard of "heirloom quality”, meaning we intend our product to last for multiple generations. Our unique artisan process results in unparalleled quality and durability. All wet-shaving products are made with stabilized wood, which means that even as the wood is continually exposed to water, our products will remain in top-notch condition over time.

***Every purchase of our wood shaving products comes our refinishing program guarantee. 

We take great pride in our craft and in our products. When you order our shaving products, you can be confident that each piece is made carefully by hand, inspected for quality, and built to last. Each purchase is accompanied by our guarantee of quality and our promise to refinish, replace inlay, or to repair any damage caused by normal wear and tear or caused by a manufacturing defect (not related to the blades or cartridges).