We offer several different razor options, including two types of cartridge razors, double-edged safety razors, and straight razors. If you’re not sure which type to choose, check the guide below for some tips on each.

Cartridge Razors

Cartridge razors offer a clean, quick shave with little thought or preparation. They typically have multiple blades, which means less passes over the same area and less irritation. These razors are suited well for people with sensitive skin, young men who may not be completely comfortable with a razor yet, and those who are looking for little more than a fast and clean shave.

Our unique design allows for the use of an interchangeable shaving head.  Typically, our razors only use one type of cartridge, but this feature allows you to use either a Gillette Mach3 or a Fusion cartridge.

You can also choose an interchangeable Gillette Mach3 and Double Edge razor head. This allows you to alternate between cartridge razors and double edge razors (see below).

Our razors are also compatible with all Gillette Venus razor blades (except for "Simply Venus"). Just get a razor with our Mach3 attachment and snap on a Venus blade!

Cartridges for either razor are easy to use and easy to replace as they are readily available at any local pharmacy or grocery store. Whichever type of shaving head you choose, a single cartridge will always be included in your purchase.

Cartridge razors work best when used with a badger hair brush, which exfoliates the skin, opens up the pores, and stimulates the hair follicles so they stand up straighter.

One of the critical requirements for a clean shave is a sharp cartridge.  When a cartridge becomes dull, simply throw it away and replace it.


Double-edged Safety RazorsDouble-edged safety razors may offer you a cleaner, better shave than a cartridge type razor, and because there are hundreds of different brands of DE blades to choose from,  it allows you to pick the perfect shaving blade for your skin. If you’ve never used a double-edged safety razor before, there can be a slight learning curve - DE tips and tricks. Double-edged blades are also recyclable in some areas making it a more environmentally friendly product.

A DE razor has been the go-to shaving tool for thousands of men across the world. We also acknowledge that our customers prefer a choice in tools, and are not locked into their choices. This is why we offer our 2-in-1 razor that allows our customers the choice to have both a DE razor and a Gillette Mach3.

Double-edged safety razors work best when used with a badger hair brush, which exfoliates the skin, opens up the pores, and stimulates the hair follicles so they stand up straighter.


Straight Razors
Straight razors might feel a little intimidating, but they have an undeniable vintage charm. Aside from aesthetics, there are a number of reasons that one might choose a straight razor for their shaving kit. A good straight razor blade will almost never have to be replaced, only sharpened. This makes straight razors both very cost effective and environmentally friendly. Most importantly, straight razors are going to give you the best possible shave with minimal irritation. Multi-blade cartridges work the same area of the skin multiple times (with each blade) and thus cause significantly more irritation than a single bladed straight razor. With a little bit of practice with a straight razor, your shaves will not only be smoother, but it will lead to healthier skin and fewer ingrown hairs.